Best Boarding Schools in Pune | List & Description

Pune is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai, and It has been recently ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in India by The Economic Times and was rated as the most liveable city in India by Forbes Magazine. Are you looking for a boarding school in Pune? Check out the best boarding schools in Pune and make an impact on your child’s future.

  1. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul - An IB World School

MIT Gurukul, one of the best international schools in Pune, excels as one of the best IB schools in Pune with the Guru-Sishya Parampara way of education. Our curriculum aims at nurturing empathetic leaders. We infuse modern technologies with traditional techniques for a better future.

  1. Gurukool Intelligence Residential School

Gurukool is a well-established concept but its application in the modern world has been surprisingly poor. The word technology (referred as Yantrana) existed as much in the Ramayana & Mahabharata era as it exists today. Thus science & technology is as much for the welfare of humanity as much as the morals & value is. A pontiff who is ignorant of the science of tones is as much a victim of his own ignorance as a singer, who specializes in audio tones but knows nothing about the power of mantra. The question is whether we have the perception of the wide-ranging ideas.

  1. Sahyadri School

Sahyadri School commenced in 1995. Located on Tiwai Hill and nestled in the valley of the Bhima River, the school is surrounded by gently sloping green forest hills and valleys, 770m above sea level. Here, the children learn amidst nature from books and trees and birds; they work with their hands and their abundant imagination.

  1. The Cathedral Vidya School

The Cathedral Vidya School – Where world class education, sports and cultural activities together endeavor to create an environment truly conducive to the development of young lives. An amalgamation of academic proficiency, professional sports, exposure to the world of music and dance and the sheer genius of arts and crafts, Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala offers a platform where your child is carefully nurtured and mentored towards becoming a truly global citizen.

In conclusion, Pune is home to some of the best schools in the country, offering high-quality education and excellent facilities. Parents can choose from a range of schools that cater to different needs and preferences, and ensure that their children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in life.